It may seem confusing, but it’s super simple. When you click through my money pocket to make a purchase from a retailer, they pay us a commission which we share with you.

So retailers know my money pocket sent you to their site, you need to be logged into your my money pocket account and have click through from the site to the retailer’s. From there, it’s easy sailing, just shop like normally and put your feet up – we do the rest.

There’s then a little bit of geekiness happening behind the scenes; the retailer will check the sale wasn’t cancelled or refunded and complied with the t’s and c’s. The transaction will show as pending in your money pocket while this happens.

Once that’s done, the status will move to confirmed and we’ll have a short wait for the retailer to transfer over the moolah. As soon as the commission lands, you’ll be able to withdraw it from your money pocket.

The last and most important step is to decide how to spend your not-so-hard-earned cashback!

At my money pocket we help you buy what you want while leaving you more money in your pocket. We believe you should be able to spend your money on what you wish, without it costing the world. We look for the best vouchers to pair with cashback to help you get the best deal possible. Not bad, eh?

Yep, we think so. But you don’t have to take our word for it, try us.

my money pocket is totally free to use so you’ll never be out of pocket. Only thing that can happen is your pocket starts to bulge as you get money back on your spending when you click through the site to make a purchase.

In our humble opinion, there’s no downside to trying my money pocket as we have all the brands you know and love, and if we are legit you’ll have some cash waiting for you in your money pocket.

my money pocket gets paid a commission for every sale we drive. We split this commission with you – you get the lion’s share of it, we just keep a small slice so we can pay the bills and grow the site. When we drive a substantial amount of sales we occasionally get paid bonuses from retailers and their agencies.

Cashback is withdrawable (sounds like bubble if you say it quickly) when it shows in your money pocket as payable.

All you need to do is go to the get paid section of your money pocket and follow the instructions there, they are super simple.

If the cashback is not yet showing as payable, give it a little bit longer and it’ll soon be payable. While you wait you could binge a new podcast or Netflix series, actually read 1984 rather than just pretending you have, or start a homebrew.

Next step is to decide where to spend it!

All the time preferably, or at least any time you buy something online.

The best way to use my money pocket is to start you purchase with us. So, come to my money pocket before login on to a brand’s site.

Our homepage we will show you the best offers available from a variety of brands. If you don’t find one you like it’s easy to search for other brands you love.

Once you’ve found the brand or offer you want, click through the get offer button on the retailer’s my money pocket page and get shopping.

Of course. We have some very talented boffins working with us and they’ve ensured the site is as safe as it can possibly be. The site has multiple layers of security including encryption and before you try to withdraw and cashback there are multiple security checks.

Ahhh what, you want to leave us. We’re sorry. Please drop us an email and we’ll get that sorted out. Remember to withdraw any cashback in your account before you close your account with us as you won’t qualify for any cashback that hasn’t already been withdrawn.

We hope you’ll change your mind though and stay with us.

Sadly not. For my money pocket to work you need to click via the site before making a purchase so the retailers know you’re a poketeer and to give us your cashback. If you didn’t log in and click via my money pocket it is likely the retailer would have credited your purchase to another website.

We find the phrase:

“Remember, remember, go to my money pocket first before making a purchase”

useful to help us remember to visit my money pocket first before making a purchase

Absolutely, like all the best things in life, it’s totally free to use and has absolutely no hidden costs or deductions.

This varies depending on the brand you buy from and the product. Things like financial products or contracts will take longer as there is a period to ensure the contract isn’t cancelled early. But as soon as we get the money, we put it in your account ready for you. Rest assured will we chase this up for you if we see undue delays.

You can withdraw your cashback by BACS straight into your bank account.

If we’ve done our job right, you’ll find all the info about my money pocket you could ever want here.

If we haven’t answered your question, drop us an email to support@mymoneypocket.co.uk , we’ll get back to you asap and have a strongly worded conversation with the team who wrote this!

It’s a shame you don’t want our emails anymore, we like to think they greatly entertaining. To update your email preferences, you need to sign in and go to Update your email preferences.

my money pocket doesn’t currently have an instore offer. But you could use your mobile in a store to get cashback online if that counts?

Ahh cookies, we love them, almost as much as the baked good variety.

They are really important as they’re what tracks your purchase and show the retailer we drove your purchase, meaning you get your cashback.

Clearing your cookies regularly is good self-care and should be done pretty regularly. It’s really easy, here’s how to do it depending on what browser you are using:

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Select the tools button (in the top right corner) and select internet options.
  3. On the general tab, under browsing history, select delete.
  4. Tick the cookies and website data check box, and then select delete.


  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Select the Chrome menu (in the top right corner) and then go to tools and clear browsing data.
  3. Change the time range to the beginning of time and make sure the cookies check box is ticked.
  4. Select clear browsing data.


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Select the safari menu button (in the tool bar) and go to preferences.
  3. Select privacy and then select remove all website data.
  4. Select remove now.


  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Select the menu button (in the top right corner), go to history and clear recent history.
  3. Change the time range to everything and make sure the cookies check box is ticked.
  4. Select clear now.

Ok, we’ll let you into the secret – it’s actually really easy. Promise!

Sign into mymoneypocket.co.uk and use either the search bar at the top to find a specific brand, or browse the different categories listed across the top.

Click on a brand’s my money pocket page to see what offers they have. When you’ve chosen the offer you want to take advantage of, click the get offer button. This will take you to the brand’s site.

From the brands site shop as normal, and we’ll take care of the cashback.

There’s just a little bit of housekeeping to note, nothing too tedious though.

  • Make sure you start your purchase at my money pocket
  • Don’t go to the brand’s site directly, make sure you go from our site via the get offer button as that’s how we track your purchase.
  • We track your cashback using cookies. It’s always best to not have other tabs open and to not visit any other sites while you are making your purchase, especially comparison sites or search engines as they may wipe our cookie and the brand won’t know you used my money pocket. Which means no cashback!
  • Last one, please only use promotional codes and vouchers listed on our sites – using other codes may invalidate your cashback.

We’ve listed some more information below that you might find helpful.

Sorry, there is a little bit of cashback lingo to learn. Listen up, there will be a test later.

Pending means we’ve successfully recorded (or tracked if you want to be a geek about it) your purchase. It can take a few days for your transaction to show as pending in your money pocket, so don’t worry if it doesn’t appear immediately.

During the pending period the retailer will check your transaction is valid and meets the t’s&c’s. Once that’s done, they’ll give us the nod and the status moves to confirmed. Confirmed means the cashback will soon be pinging its way to you.

When the cashback lands with my money pocket your status immediately moves to payable meaning it’s ready for you to withdraw.

If your cashback shows as declined, it means the retailer has said it’s not going to pay the cashback. This may be because you returned the item, didn’t follow the t’s&c’s or used a code not valid with cashback. If you don’t think you did anything wrong, we can challenge this so drop us an email (support@mymoneypocket.co.uk) and we’ll investigate it.

Much like a swan swimming tranquilly on a lake, there is more going on out of sight than it may appear.

We must wait for the retailer to record and confirm your purchase and then pay your cashback. It’s different from retailer to retailer but it can take around 90 days from your initial purchase.

Don’t worry though, we’re a determined bunch so will be chasing up your cashback with gusto to speed the process up as much as possible.

If your transaction is showing as declined, the retailer has confirmed it won’t be paying the cashback.

Retailers don’t tell us the reason the cashback is declined, but it’s likely because:

  • The purchase was cancelled or returned your order or part of it
  • A promotional code or voucher not provided by us was used when making the purchase
  • You asked for a quote but didn't make a purchase
  • A saved quote or a renewal quote was used to make this purchase
  • The retailer pays cashback to new customers only, and you have shopped with the retailer before
  • The order wasn’t completed online i.e. it was completed over the phone
  • Another party (probably a search engine or comparison site) was created with driving your purchase
  • The retailers t’s&c’s weren’t met – you can check these on the retailer’s my money pocket page.

If none of these apply please email us and we'll look into it for you.

While the vast majority of transactions track successfully, sometimes things go wrong. The main reason this happens is because of (interfering) anti-spyware, anti-virus or other protection on your computer.

To help prevent this:

  • Sign in to your my money pocket account before you make your purchase, otherwise we won’t be able to track it back to you.
  • Always start your purchase at my money pocket
  • Make sure you go the retailer’s site by clicking the get offer button on my money pocket
  • Don’t visit any other sites while making your purchase
  • Make sure cookies are enabled on your internet browser and firewall/security software.
  • Spring-clean the cookies stored on your computer regularly
  • Check my money pocket is added to your safe list on your ad blocker or deactivate it while making your purchase

If you’ve tried all these steps and are still experiencing issues, please email us and we’ll do all we can to help you.

Bit of a Ronseal term really, ad blockers remove advert from a webpage. For most people, it takes the form of browser extensions such as AdBlock or Adblock Plus. To turn this software off go to your browser settings and temporarily disable your ad blocker when visiting my money pocket or add my money pocket to the safe list.

Some retailers exclude the VAT we pay on items when calculating the purchase amount and the cashback they’ll pay. Many also exclude delivery costs too.

We always make a note of the retailers who do this in the t’s&c’s on the retailers my money pocket page.

If your cashback is still less than you’ re expecting and can’t be accounted for by VAT, delivery or other such costs, please email us with full details of your purchase (please include the order number the retailer provided) and we’ll do all we can to help you.

Sorry, if you aren’t signed in to your my money pocket account when you make a purchase, or didn’t click through to the retailer from my money pocket, you won’t be entitled to cashback. In order to be eligible for cashback, must be signed in.

We find the phrase:

“Remember, remember, go to my money pocket first before making a purchase“

useful to help us remember to visit my money pocket first before making a purchase

Hopefully, you received an email from us explaining this, but it can take a little time as there’re a few hoops to jump through.

If we are looking into missing cashback for you, we may be in touch for a little more information from you – we need your order number, time, date of purchase, the email address etc.

Once we have all the information, we send it to the retailer, it can take a bit of time for them to process it and check their records. This can take some time, but we will do our best to chase this up regularly for you.

If you have any questions about some missing cashback we are looking into for you, please email us on the chain.

Whoopsadaisy. Don’t worry we all have those moments! Plus, we’d rather you have a unique password that’s harder to remember than using an old password or Password123.

There are two ways you can re-set your password, so take your pick. If you’ve forgotten it - either go to forgotten my details icon on the my money pocket homepage – it’s just under the Sign-in button – or go to the Sign-in page and select Send a password reset email.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll be asked to enter the email address you signed up with so we can send you a link to re-set your password. You should get an email with details of how to reset your password within the hour, if you don’t please check your spam or junk folders.

If you don’t receive a link to re-set your password please email us.

To change your password, you need to sign-in and go to Change your account details.

Type in your current password, then your new password and select Update to save the change.

Please make sure you choose a unique, strong password, don’t just use your pet’s name or password123.

It can vary, we aim to answer your email within three working days, but often it’ll be a lot quicker than that.