50p for 5 Bonus Promotion

Who can receive the bonus?

Members will receive a 50p bonus cashback for each transaction*(Exclusions apply) made between the promotional dates (26/11/2019 14:00:00 - 01/12/2019 23:59:59), which are genuine and approved by the network up to a limit of 5 per account.

Exclusions to the 50p for 5 Bonus Promotion offer

The following merchants are excluded from the promotion and bonus cashback will not be added for transactions made by the following merchants: Aliexpress, Skyscanner, Booking Buddy, 20Cogs, LifePoints UK, Search Lotto, QuoteSearcher, Experian Free Account, Survey Spotter, I Can Have It, Icelolly, Ourtime, Echohive, Testers Keepers, Quandoo Restaurants, Harvester, Toby Carvery, Opinion Outpost, Vintage Inns.

When will the Bonus cashback be applied to my order?

Bonus cashback for transactions made in the 50p for 5 bonus time period will track at the bonus rate. Once your transaction has been validated and approved by the network the bonus cashback for your transaction will also update within your account.

If my transaction is declined will I still receive the bonus cashback?

Unfortunately if your transaction does go onto decline the bonus cashback will not be applied to your account for that transaction. The additional bonus cashback are only applicable to tracked and approved/validated transactions.

Untracked transactions during the 50p for 5 Bonus Promotion offer

If you believe you have made a transaction which has not tracked to your account we will have to follow the normal procedure and you will need to lodge a missing cashback claim. If your claim goes onto be approved the bonus cashback will still be rewarded to your order if it is approved by the network.

I have another question regarding the 50p for 5 Bonus Promotion offer

Please email any questions you may have regarding the 50p for 5 Bonus promotion to 'support@mymoneypocket.co.uk' and our team will be happy to help.